Chapter 11 – Charlotte goes over the Vaulting Horse for Miss Kenworthy

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Chapter 11: Charlotte caned over the vaulting horse

Having delivered the six cane strokes with Charlotte bent over the desk, Miss Kenworthy stood back to admire her handiwork. Her fingers gently traced the raised welts that adorned Charlotte’s now glowing bottom cheeks, whilst Charlotte’s weeping form gradually quieted, replaced by barely audible moans of pleasure.

“You may stand up now Charlotte, but I haven’t finished with you yet. When you have recovered, I’d now like to climb over that vaulting horse over there, so that I can give you another six strokes. I want to see your bottom raised up higher and flatter, so that I can deliver slightly more vertical strokes, which will be even harder than those I have just given to you. Do you think that you could bear that?” enquired Miss Kenworthy hopefully.

Charlotte stood in front of her Mistress gingerly rubbing her bottom. Tears still trickled down her face, but her eyes gleamed with obvious pleasure. The caning had hurt dreadfully, but she wanted more! The sensations that it had generated within her were just out of this World. She was addicted to pain and the pleasure that it gave.

“Yes, Mistress. I would be very happy to bend over the vaulting horse for another caning, if that is what you desire,” replied Charlotte.

Their eyes met and they smiled lovingly at each other. They held each other’s gaze for what seemed to them like an eternity, but then the spell was broken as Miss Kenworthy said, “Right then Charlotte, let’s see how you manage to hold your position on the horse. Up you get!”

‘‘Yes Mistress, with pleasure!”

Miss Kenworthy stood flexing the dragon cane as she watched Charlotte climb up to bend over it and present her bottom to her.

Once in position, she gave her no chance to prepare herself or settle on the horse, she caned her bottom hard and fast….



        SWISH! THWACK!...

As the caning continued, reigniting the welts from her previous caning, Charlotte yelped and screamed at each stroke, her legs kicking wildly in all directions. Yet, she still submitted to this harsh treatment, actually exhorting her Mistress to cane her harder and harder!




Finally, the last stroke was delivered by the expert caner. Charlotte’s bottom was aflame with beautifully parallel stripes. Charlotte lay over the horse almost in a total daze, her spanking fantasies totally satiated. The warmth emitted by her bottom spreading throughout her young body. It felt SO good!

Miss Kenworthy stroked her ‘protégés’ back and gently caressed her thoroughly punished bottom, whispering to Charlotte, “Well done Charlotte…well done! You took that caning very well. I’m very proud of you.”

Through her tears, Charlotte beamed with pleasure at these words of praise from her Mistress.

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