The Visit – Part 9

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We left that room and moved into the next. The first thing she saw was the Victorian Women’s Prison Bed. “Ohh that looks serious.”

But what captured her imagination most, was a simple brass bed…

Kate moved to the bed. “Oh this conjures up memories of my mummy spanking me!”

“My mummy used to make me kneel at my headboard, and grip the brass rods or the bed knobs as she used her slipper on my bare bottom! Will you do the same Mr.Jones?”

“Of course, whatever you wish.”

She settled into position, her mind drifting back in time.

“Mr.Jones, pretend you are my Daddy, and I have been very naughty at school, I mean really really naughty! Give me a long hard, no mercy spanking….please.”

I love it when they ask nicely, so I guided her bottom into position…

I gave her a long loud chastisement, she apologised profusely and begged me not to spank her. Of course, I took no heed of her pleas and concentrated on the fine target before me…

I made her cry, but knew it was how she wanted it. Then I rubbed cream on her bottom, to cool and soothe. And yes, of course, I attended to her intimate area to satisfy her fully. She was noisey, to say the least!

Then we had a cup of tea, and a butterfly bun each.

More to follow….