A Christmas Message

Hello again.

I really do appreciate all of the people who visit my blog, my web site, my tumblr and Twitter (although at this moment in time my Twitter is suspended, but should be back soon.)

Sit down, let’s spend a while together. I am not professional, other than a bit coming in from my videos, I make no money. If you take into account the rent I pay, and model fees, I lose money. But money is not the be all and end all. I do this for the love of it, and like to share it with you for free, to all you ‘like minded’ people…

I pour you a glass of port, put another log on the fire, and pass you a mince pie. “Merry Christmas” whoever you are. Colour, religion, wealth means nothing here. Let’s be friends, man or woman, gay or straight, and enjoy the female bottom, and smacking it!

Let’s have some music….”Girls! Come and sing some carols for us will you?”

In they come, happily. “Of course we will!” They answer in chorus.

Samantha takes her seat, she is the musical one. Then Charlotte and Kate come in to take their positions to sing.

They have lovely voices and sing “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Ding Dong Merrily on High”… Very well they sing and play to. Shall we clap them?….makes a change from smacking their bottoms.

They say thank you, and blow us a kiss…

“That was lovely, thank you girls. Merry Christmas.”

They smile and giggle….”same to you Mr.Jones, and thank you for all our work and spankings!”

“Oh you are as welcome as the flowers in spring my dears!”

Samantha often speaks for them. “We have some baubles to put up with the others, we got them today. Can we stay and put them up, whilst you talk with your guest?”

I look to you…”that okay with you?”

You agree and we sip port watching them hang baubles on our Christmas tree.

I look to you and ask, “As a thank you, for all the times you look at my blog…I get 1500 visits a day now….would you like to spank a girl?”

You say yes, and pick Charlotte, who goes to wait for you…

So, from me to you…yes, YOU!

Merry Christmas, thank you for reading my blog, try to stay safe during this covid pandemic. I hope I cheer you up. Now off you go, and have fun…