Mr.Reece gets the Junior Tawse

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“And don’t think you have finished you naughty boy! I have much more…MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE, for your naughty red bottom!”

Mr Reece did not dare to answer, or even move, as Tamara picked up the junior tawse, a supple red leather strap with the end split.

She bent over to whisper…”I am going to make you squeal even higher with this.”

She stood ready, making sure she had plenty of room to swing the tawse.

She raised it high, behind her back…

And delivered a vigorous spanking, the tawse being just a blur as thwack after thwack echoed through the room, interspersed with high pitched squeals!

He held his position well as the leather set his cheeks on fire time and time again.

Then she bent down again, to inspect the damage, the effects of a thrashing began to fill her mind, what had she been missing? She knew, exactly what path her life was going to take. She needed this. Once tasted, it had to be sampled again….often!

“Well, my dear naughty boy, you have tired me out, thrashing a naughty bottom is both exhillerating and exhausting!” She said gently. Then stood to look at what else she could use on the red sore bottom trembling and shaking before her.

Before her was another tawse, dubbed as the ‘senior one’. Thicker, less pliable, narrower and longer.

“This looks menacing Mr.Reece!” She said gleefully as Mr Reece kept quiet, knowing that anything other than complete compliance would spell disaster for his poor bottom. The urge to rub and comfort his cheeks was almost unbearable. But bare it he must.

She picked the beast up, and sat flexing it, eagerly.

“Oh my word! This is stiff!! I bet it makes a sound like a pistol! Had enough recovery time you naughty boy? Don’t answer! It was rhetorical. Let’s try it shall we? Hah! Again, don’t answer, you screams will do that for you!”

With a gleeful expression, she pushed herself up to try it…

More to come…