Mistress is Waiting – Part 3

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“I am going to punish you, you have done nothing wrong, I just desire it.” Said Mistress.

“Let’s start with a spanking…get up!” Ordered Mistress.

‘yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.’ Replied the slave girl, Cherry.

“And now my crooked stick, let me lay that across your cheeks!”

‘yes my beautiful Mistress, do as you desire, I am yours, use me, whack my bottom hard and fast.’

“Now some more snacks for your plump soft bottom! Present it!”

“yes Mistress, anything you wish Mistress.”

{What a beautiful bottom Cherry has. I have spanked it and can testify to its softness. Probably the softest bottom I have ever spanked, like a feather pillow, my hand sank into it almost!}

Mistress gave it more smacks, she could not resist the feeling of spanking it.

And Cherry could not resist the smacks….


‘…more Mistress, harder harder…yes, Ohhh yes Mistress!”

“Now get where you belong my dirty little bitch, on your knees, between my legs.”

‘yes Mistress.’

And that is where she can stay, where she belongs. It suits her well, doesn’t it?