Parent’s Evening – Part Two

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…Mummy then read more of the report and notes from various teachers, describing truancy and other crimes.

“My word young lady, it is worse than I feared, I am using some of these on your bottom, get back here!” She shouted as she viewed the implements left in every room.

The good girls could hear every smack, and every telling off from the Mummy’s or Daddy’s in the punishment rooms. And how they loved it. Teachers did nothing to stop them listening, or even take a peek at what happens to naughty girls.

In the hall, tea, cake, and buns were consumed, served by prefects, and drifting in came the noise of spankings….bare bottoms being whacked without mercy, struggles, squeals, smacks and screams!

Parents actually encouraged their good well behaved daughters to go and see, every door was left wide open for viewing. Mummy’s and Daddy’s were happy for examples to be seen. And the Mummy’s and Daddy’s of the naughty girls, feeling angry and embarrassed, we’re happy to illustrate what happens to the bare, very red, wriggling, sore, naughty bottoms!

It was a spanking spectacular of magnificent proportions!

Just imagine that…A school corridor, typically 1960’s. Half tiled walls, green or earthenware brown. Cream paint. Old yellow dim electric lights hung on long chains. Faux marble floors, mottled black on ‘off white’. Oak stained doors with polished brass handles and push plates. All open, secured on black stout hooks. All the rooms full of naughty girls getting spanked, hard and long, on the bare, with straps. Some being pulled in by the ear, knickers being pulled down by irate parents, mainly mummies. Some being dragged out, knickers at the ankles, red sore bottoms, crying and begging not to be put on show at the doors.

And all the time, good girls were pointing and giggling at the plight of the naughty ones.

Spanking heaven!