The Visit ~ Part Ten

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I deal in antiques, and at one auction I went to for stock, had a ‘must have’ item. It was a Victorian Women’s Prison Bed, from Pimlico, London. I ended up paying £400 for it!

But in the talk, the man showed its various settings, one which was for birching. How could I resist? The thought of Victorian prostitutes, pick pockets, thieves etc bending over it to bare their bottom for a birching, appealed to me.

Kate asked about it, and wanted to try it, here she is…

Kate was very subdued, thinking of the hopeless situation of the unfortunate girls. But she just needed to feel what it was like. Straps and tawses were used in the prison, and after looking at pictures of the heavy stiff Prison Straps, we picked this one.

Of course, they would not have had the luxury of cushions, but Kate was scared of getting her pubic hair trapped.

I must say it presents a bottom well, the spaces underneath were for long leathers straps to go around waist and thighs, I think the arms were held straight out forward, probably strapped by leather and held by the matron.

Kate asked all sorts of questions, she was excited and was thrusting into the cushion quite quickly as I told her how before a punishment girls were stripped naked and hosed, often having their hair cut. Then wearing a simple shift they would go over.

I could not resist taking a photo of her bottom bobbing up and town to orgasm, which she was experiencing in this next photo, to lovely noises.

A fabulous sight, she went ever so fast at the end. Here she is post orgasm, relaxing.

She was biting the tawse as she came! Look how flushed she is! A very naughty energetic girl is our Kate…