Three Very Naughty Girls and the Vaulting Horse ~ Part One

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I am sorry to say that their behaviour did not improve, I got a phone call from the Park Warden, it seems three girls in our school uniform had been causing mayhem on the boating lake, on a Friday afternoon, soon after lunch!

Having been escorted to the Queens Park Offices the warden under the view of his secretary, had searched their school bags for any sign of their names. Which were easily found on pencil cases and excercise books. But disturbingly a quarter full bottle of gin had been found, and the girls were somewhat giddy.

I collected the girls in my car and ferried them back to school. It was a quiet journey, every time I looked in my rear view mirror, all I could see were three worried faces, biting lips. It would be another rear view I would be having very soon.

I gave them the severest of reprimands and told them that each were getting nine of the best…the very best, on their bare bottoms whilst being held firmly over the vaulting horse in my office. They sobered up immediately.

I started with Charlotte. I ordered all three to bare their bottoms in readiness. Kate and Stephanie sat down on chairs at each side to hold legs and arms. I stood swishing my cane in anticipation as the sorties girl climbed up.

Probably nervousness, I don’t know, but the three of them actually smiled at each of on occasions. I was going to wipe those smiles away with rattan!

She settled into position and the other two reprobates secured their grips.

She was ready…And so I began!

I whacked her bare bottom hard and true, until she was struggling and squealing…how dare they smile in my office?! I have my reputation as ‘Thrasher Jones’ to uphold. As long as girls are writing nasty things about ‘Old Thrasher’ on the toilet cubicle walls, I know I am on top. Standards have to be maintained…even my own!

Ahhh yes! That’s more like it. I think they could hear her in the quadrangle and corridors, probably most of the classrooms too.

Listen to that my girls, and know what happens to the naughtiest of girls.

I told them to change places, Kate next.

More to come…

Thrasher Jones!