Bratbusters! ~ Part One

If there’s somethin’ naughty in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
(Bratbusters !)
If it’s somethin’ rude an’ she don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?
I ain’t afraid o’ no spankin!
I ain’t afraid o’ no spankin!
If you’re seein’ brats runnin’ through your head
Who can you call?

….I am sure you recognise the lyrics and know the tune!

BRATS BEWARE ….you should be afraid of a spanking! And if your Master or Mistress is struggling to keep you in check, watch out, because, if you are out of control, they can now bring you to see me or Miss Kenworthy.

You will be told to write down your crimes, and then punished. Your face will be protected from the camera, but your spanking will be photographed in great detail, and put on my blog.

So, Masters and Mistresses of young female brats, we are yours to use. Just contact us. Naughty girls only, but sissies are considered. Come and watch your brat punished and put in their place, like Lucy here, see models…

When she first came, she had been reported by many on Twitter for being a total, unruly, rude brat.

We offer a full service here at Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls. In the classroom or Headmaster’s Office. With a variety of implements of just hand. Come along, just you and your brat, and see her punished.

In LEVEL ONE PUNISHMENT we offer this….


And you will be left in corner time whilst we drink tea and eat cake with your Master, Mistress, or both.

No time wasters please, this is a service offered to people in a consensual Domme/Dom/sub relationship. Who need a serious threat to offer a naughty bottom!