A Study of Naughty Corners

Hmmmmm, let me think……who…shall…I…spank and put in naughty corners for you to drool over? Today…..it’s Kate.

Immerse yourself, relax and let your mind drift. It is 1967 at a Girl’s Grammer School. After lunch you walk to the next class, and wait outside the classroom in a line of two rows. Teacher opens the door and says “Enter.”

You walk in. Stood there is a naughty girl, who has obviously just been spanked. She will be there for fifteen minutes. Pick your favourite scene from these…

I wonder who you are reading this? I wonder which one you pick? I don’t even know what country, what sex, what age….I wonder if anyone masturbates…I suppose that would be the real seal of approval of my work!

I wonder which was most popular? I’ll know how many of you have looked, but that’s all.

Anyway mystery person, whoever you are (in my mind one of my favourite actresses legs open rubbing away frantically!….lol) I hope you enjoy my work.