Naughty Samantha Comes to my Office Again…over the desk this time!

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Samantha has been very naughty this week. She was caught hanging another girls knickers on the flag pole! Not climbing it, just hoisting them up on the rope. Neither was she bullying, she stole them at hockey training and ran to do it as a joke. Funny I know, but standards have to be maintained.

I have given her a good telling off and have told her to get to the desk.

She is getting six of the junior tawse, not that she knows that, she is trembling at the sight of the cane.

She sighs with relief when I place the cane on the back of my chair, but…

She gasps when I tell her to lean over whilst I take her knickers down, so I can use the tawse on her bare bottom.

I put her in position.

I pick up the tawse and deliver the punishment.

Another entry in the punishment book….life goes on.