I have tried, with various shutter speeds to get the moment of impact of a cane on a bare bottom, yet keeping a sense of movement.

The models are Claudia and Lucy, you can find out about them here…


Here they are…

Look at Claudia’s expression, she is enjoying caning this lovely bare bottom! Look at the cane flexing on impact too. And the cheek sinking in.
Same again, but look at the cane, such flexibility in the rattan, it is all over so quickly in real time that you have no idea what happens to the cane on impact really.
Just a millisecond from contact!
If you look closely, you will see that this one has done it’s work and is actually just beginning its return.
This is actually ‘cutting down’ …instead of striking the cane in an arc towards the buttocks, this is coming from above, a glancing blow…but very painful. A real expert can whack it on the return uppercut. Hence twice as many whacks in the same time. I do this when spanking by hand very often, the quickest way to redden a pair of cheeks. Very efficient!

And there you have it! A willing spankee and expert caner. Putting on quite a display for you.

Note…the reason Claudia is concentrating on the left cheek us that the right one had just broken slightly on one severe stroke and we did not want to cause