After the Parents Evening

See the parents evening here…

Mummy was still furious with her daughter on return home! “Get upstairs to my bedroom, and take your dress off.”

Mummy followed her up after taking her spanking paddle from the hallway draw in the telephone table. She watched her remove her dress…”No bra I see! Your standards are slipping down quicker than your knickers!”

She sat down on her chaise-lounge, pulled her briskly over her lap, and gave a good spanking to the bare bottom of a near naked Lucy!

For model details See..

Look how red the naughty girls cheeks get, a real good over the knee bare bottom spanking!

Knickers yanked down!
A nice crisp hand spanking to start with.

Mummy showed no mercy now they were at home, each smack landed full force from full height.

Soon Mummy was using her red leather paddle, hard and fast on the squealing naughty girl’s bare bottom, smack after smack after delightful crisp, sharp ringing smacks. The sound of leather upon bouncing buttock flesh filled the room! There was no escape, and definitely no mercy!

The naughty girl could do nothin but kick and squeal as she buried her head in her arms. For a very long time! Her bare bottom was cherry red.

I think she will think twice about behaviour at school now, don’t you?

The benefits of old fashioned discipline!