The Ridicule of a Bully ~ Part Three

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Hermione continued to squeal, wriggle and jump before the two girls, as whack after whack landed on her bottom. How she hated being humiliated before them, thoughts were flying through her head, ‘if I am not careful they can get me in this position again and again!”

The old fashioned punishment was doing what it was intended to do…’make her contemplate her actions.’

She even started to say the right words…”OOOOOWWWWW, I AM SORRY! Please stop, pleeeeease, I will never bully Kate or Charlotte again!”

Mrs Smith glanced at Sister Samantha. They had won! They had beaten the nastiness out of her…almost….but they meant all bullying, not just Kate and Charlotte! “I hope you will never bully anyone again!”



“OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, Yes Mummy! Never anyone… OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH … never again Mummy I promise, I’m sorry Charlotte, I… YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWOOOOHHHH I am sorry Kate, forgive me I will be good, very gooOOOOOOOOOOOOHH .. Very…sob, sniff, very good!”



THWACK, THWACK, THWACK….”You had better mean it young lady!”

“Owwwww, ooooh, yes yes, YES! Owwwwwwwwwww I do, I do Mummy!!!!!”

Mrs Sith changed places again, twice, for another very satisfying and very hard six more each!

“Let us examine her bottom Sister Samantha, and see if we think her bottom has had enough.”

They examined it closely…

So too did the girls, very closely…

Mrs Smith and Sister Samantha told the girls that if ever she did the same again, that this punishment would be repeated, but for even longer, and at the front door of the Church Hall if need be! Hermione looked aghast and begged for that not to happen. So the punishment was done, and a firm threat delivered. The girls knew that they were safe, and if ever she did, they knew exactly what would happen.

Hermione was then put on display, in ‘the naughty corner’ so to speak. The two girls were treated to tea and cake.

As Mrs Smith and Sister Samantha went into the kitchen, both Kate and Charlotte took out their phones and took photos, whispering to Hermione…”if you ever bully us or any of our friends again these photos go on social media and we will tell your Mum. She has told you what will happen! Not only that, we will ask if we can invite some of our friends to come to watch, and let us take photos!”

A defeated, embarrassed Hermione said that she never would, and did not object to the photos being taken. Here are the photos in question…

And so the well deserved, and well delivered punishment was done, the girls with Mrs Smith and Sister Samantha had a lovely afternoon tea, sat looking at Hermione’s red sore bottom and discussing the merits of a good spanking or the cane.

As for Hermione, her tea was humble pie, with a dessert of shame and embarrassment. Her lesson learnt. As far as I am aware, one year on, she is being good to her word.