Meet Penelope

I am sure you remember my accounts of how I started my spanking service all those years ago, in a single room rented above a friends gallery. The advert I put out was something akin to…”have you something gnawing away at your conscience, a past misdeed that troubles your soul. Would visiting a disciplinarian for physical punishment help?”

Not long after, my first client came, after many e-mails and coffees that is!

She went away satisfied and recommended me. And so it began, a steady trail of naughty girls to see Strict Uncle Asa, or Mr Jones their teacher or boss. Slowly it grew, I got more and more props, and then moved into my studio.

For years I kept between 15-20 clients, some going, and new ones always replacing them. But slowly I steadied off, to write and photograph, and form my team of girls. Evolving into what you see now.

I still keep a few clients who I think it would be very hard not to have in my life. I know their needs….all of their needs. They see to my need of spanking a real naughty girl for something very bad. Not playing, but real. The ones I keep write to me, telling me things that they should not have done, from masturbating with a cucumber in Tesco Car Park, to stealing stationery, from telling lies, to cheating on partners. I have heard it all, and never betrayed a name or face, unless allowed to. Probably some of their naughty deeds are made up, just to earn a spanking…..but who cares?

I decide on the punishment, I decide when it is done. If they cry, well, they should not have been naughty. I cane them often.

One such girl who has been coming for six years now is Penelope. A very naughty girl with many secrets. She has given me permission to say that she is a professional photographer, of weddings, families, and corporate events.

But she also photographs spankings! She has advised me on a few occasions. She is very good.

She will not show her face, but has agreed to showing her spanked bottom. Here it is…

And here are some examples of her work…

I find it sexy to think of female photographers doing this, maybe an idea for a shoot one day.

I have set her a task, it is to photograph a sequence of a spanking between two women of her choice, that I can make into a story.

The results will appear here…

I will post an alert when it is ready.