These came second in my 2020 photo competition, and second prize was to feature them on my blog/site. I am so happy that people of this outstanding quality see one of my competitions worth entering.

They came second with this…

Isn’t it fabulous! It spoke to me, saying that here is a girl who wants to be exactly where she is, like a dream coming true. Nervous, restrained maybe for the first time, vulnerable…..yet…safe, because she trusts the person, Man? Woman! About to cane her. Fabulous work!

Just go to FINE ART AMERICA and type in his name. He has loads of stuff to look at, be prepared for a bit of a stay. To wet your appetite, look at these stunning works of art…


Trust me, this is just the tip of a red hot iceberg! Hmmm, that’s not possible is it!!

I have asked him to produce a set for me, but have not had a reply yet. Watch this space.