Now Take Your Clothes Off! I am going to Cane You Naked!

If you go to Saint Helena Hugh School for Wayward Girls, and find your way to the Adult Schoolgirl section, you will find the rest of this…

…Miss Kenworthy told the girl to come out of corner time, and turn around.

“Remove your tie.”

“And your blouse.”

She took the blouse and in a very casual, matter of fact way, added, “…and the rest young lady, I am going to cane your naughty bottom whilst you are naked!”

“No Miss….please Miss, don’t cane me Miss….Awww please!”

“Don’t be silly, you have no choice but to do what I say. Any more and I will drag you naked into the quadrangle and do it before whoever is there, and twice as many. Now strip!”

“Yes Miss, of course Miss Kenworthy.” Answered the whimpering girl.

“Right, now be a good girl, and don’t make a fuss. We are going over to that desk. You will bend over and present your bottom for me. Then I will punish you.”

The girl stood submissively and awkwardly before her punisher. Miss Kenworthy. “Now take my hand, let’s get it over with, follow me.”

‘yes Miss.’

The caning will be next.