The Spanking Pet – Part 7

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…and her journey continues

The three Mistresses Samantha, Charlotte and Kate took their pet onto the next apparatus. My pride and joy. The Victorian Women’s Prison bed, which doubles into a flogging bench.

The room it is in, is quite stark.

With her already red sore bottom, their pet willingly climbed up, desperately wanting to please them.

Between them they told Lucy the pet, what the bed was. “You mean that real Victorian girls have laid across here for real birchings?”

“Yes, like you are going to get, right now!”

Lucy took a sharp intake of breath as Samantha picked up a hefty birch. The girls had been wanting to witness a birching for years. “If you struggle too much, we will hold you in place, like they did the girls, even tie you in position if we must.” Added Charlotte.

“Keep still!” Shouted Samantha. “How am I supposed to birch you if you wriggle!?”

“Let’s hold her! Like they used too!” Put forward Kate.

Kate took her arms, Charlotte took her legs. Then Samantha gave her six of the best. She squealed, but was held firmly, and Charlotte in particular enjoyed the view. Pushing her bottom out as she did so, as if wishing for the birch herself.

How they loved it!

More to come…