Inspired by ‘The Black Narcissus’

Hello, I do hope this does not offend anyone.

I would never delete a post because someone objected to spanking…but religion is to be respected, so if enough of you complain, I will delete it. I respect my fellow man and their religious beliefs. Out of this respect, this is a mild spanking set.

I saw the t.v. adaptation of this story, and looked up on google about scourging. To be honest I wondered if they ever did it on their bottom. I found lots of accounts about corporal punishment in schools by nuns, and how badly they treated some unmarried mums.

Of course, the great majority of stuff about them is wonderful, and their portrayal on ‘Call the Midwife’ is how I imagine them to be.

But then I was drawn to an article in a British Newspaper about some Nuns in Argentina who were spanked and ordered to use the rod on each other in their penance. Which led to more in medieval times etc

Now me being me, as you know, likes the idea of one woman spanking or caning another..(had you noticed?…lol)….so my mind got to work, with this set.

A naughty nun (Lucy) is sent to wait for Mother Superior.

And yes, Father Superior…me! Gave Lucy a jolly good spanking…