The School Inspector Pays a Visit ~ Part Two

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You continue to watch and make comments as she thrashes the bare bottoms of the girls in disgrace.

“I am not going to cane you for the act of masturbation, I understand your young urges. But doing it in a classroom, with, and to each other, when you should be in class is very very naughty.” She told the girls as the first stroke landed across Kates bare cheeks with a resounding thud.

You write down note (f) …well explained reason, and a fine stroke of the cane. You watched as she moved over to Samantha and continued. Stroke after hard stroke, whistled into their cheeks with solid thwacks!

Both girls received a firm six of the best, in what you considered to be an excellent caning.

She then demonstrated an excellent knowledge of room usage. “It is 3b in here next, for History with Miss Matthews. You can both get to the front, hands on heads and stay there, showing the third year your thrashed bottoms as a warning and an example. I do not expct you to say what you have done, but I do expect you to stay facing the board, with your bottoms on show….no rubbing! Until their lesson ends. So when Miss Matthews arrives, just say that I have told you to stay there.”

‘Yes Miss.’

‘Yes Miss.’

You write note (g)…excellent disciplinarian.

Once the girls were in position, she turned to you and said, “Right then, my apologies for the surprise, shall we continue in my office?”

We left the tearful wriggling girls and went to the office.

“I suppose after that debacle you will be marking us down?”

“On the contrary.” You reply. “You are now getting a very high rating!”

“Oh, so if I cane or spank some girls at your visits, I get top marks?” She asked.

“Yes.” You reply with a blush.

“Deal done then! I will endeavour to achieve excellence every time you visit.”

You drive home happy, and next day write a report as glowing as the naughty girls bottoms…

See you at your next visit!