Three Naughty Girls and the Vaulting Horse ~ Part Two

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Charlotte took her place, tenderly and sorely on the chair, it was now the turn of Kate to be held over the horse for a bare bottom caning.

Stephanie gripped her legs, with her feet tucked under her arms. Kate was obviously scared and Charlotte patted her arm in comfort.

“Just do as you are told to do Charlotte and hold Kate in position, any more of that and you will go back over my girl!”

She held Kate.

Kate smiled a ‘thank you’ but in her position, bare bottom up high, with me holding a flexible four foot length of the finest, German, yellow rattan, in readiness to thrash her buttocks. It mattered little. I stood in position and raised the cane.

Her tummy left the leather at every stroke, I showed no mercy, bringing the cane down hard from behind my back, for each of the six.

She found it difficult to stay in place, and squealed loudly, but Stephanie and Charlotte did their job well.

I looked at the welts rising satisfied that I had punished her well. “Right Kate, get down.”

Stephanie next….coming soon.