My Secretary’s Sneaky Peeks!

My secretary Josephine has been, and still is, a very valuable asset. She confided in me that listening to the spankings and canings behind my door, (her office adjoins) is exciting. I now leave the door open slightly so she can look.

I have also given her a new role.

You see, naughty girls here are always put in corner time, they are told to remain as instructed and not to move. If a door opens, they must not move and if caught doing so, they will get another spanking.

All the girls have been told that any girl in corner time will be reported to my secretary who will do spot checks now and then.

She loves the job…

In actual fact, I have never seen her so happy in her work. She is very diligent and goes on her rounds often, in fact I said the other day…. “Don’t go over doing it Jo, you come back looking quite flushed sometimes.” She blushed bless her, she is very modest and praise must embarrass her.