Domestic Vintage – Part Four

Isn’t it lovely to think of all the drawings, paintings, and photographs taken over all the years. I sometimes wonder how you cope with my somewhat jumbled up blog…so many sections and sub sections!

But this week a chap called Jeff wrote to say just how many vintage photographs that he has never seen before are tucked away in all the corners of my blog. So obviously you are all finding my naughty little corners.

This is where vintage domestic started…

Click here…

Here is section two…

And part three!

Anyway….the new ones! …..another 102 so far

I have a collection of vintage spanking movies, some very old and quite rare. This is a screen shot from one, you can feel the live action can’t you?
This looks very much like a Mrs Walters photo.
the professional bircher of naughty girls in Bristol.

As always, many more to come!

Thanks for reading my blog….Asa

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