Spanked in the playground before a gathering crowd…

First of all let me say I have lured you here with the title! Yes, it does happen, and there are photos of the occurance in my fictional town of Spankington…

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And there you have it! It is my train set…or rather, a model village with a train line, and lots of spankings!

What a commotion at the local park today.

A girl called Stephanie was playing with the others, quite nicely, it seemed, until one of the other girl’s mummies got an ice cream for her daughter, who was crying.

Stephanie had just had a choc ice, and because she was the only one with one, she spitefully went around whispering, so her mummy could not hear.

Smiling, as if being nice, she whispered things like… ‘look what I have got…you haven’t…ha ha ha!’ Or….’I’ve got a choc ice, I’ve got a chocolate ice nee nah ne na naaaa!’ Which was bad enough, until she whispered horribly to one girl…a little on the scruffy side, but happy… ‘I bet you are poor and you can’t afford one! And I bet your mummy stinks of wee!’

Yes, the girl whose mummy bought her a lovely ice cream was the girl Stephanie had been horrid to, to stop her crying.

Her Mum went to Stephanie’s mummy and told her, being backed up by other girls and parents.

Stephanie’s mummy was so ashamed and angry that she yanked Stephanie’s knickers down, lifted her school skirt up, put her over her knee and gave her a ferocious spanking, very hard and very very long.

What a fuss she made! Kicking her legs, squealing and crying!

The other girls laughed and pointed.

Normally their mummies would have stopped them, but not today. They nodded smiling at the girls to encourage it. And added fuel to the argument by saying their daughter would never do it….or if my daughter did that she would not sit for a week….I bet her mummy is so embarrased at such bad behaviour…. Give it her hard love! It looks like she has needed this for years…keep going….do it harder, teach her a lesson she won’t forget.

The naughty girl getting spanked on the bare bottom under the black and yellow sun umbrella.
Look at the children running to see the spanking, and the other mummies encouraging it to go on and on, whilst their own children jeer and laugh
A view of the public spanking in the park, just look at her cherry red bare bottom!

When the spanking was over, the audience clapped and cheered Stephanie’s mummy. Stephanie was pulled by the ear, screaming and hopping about shouting ‘my bottom….oooooh my bottom, it’s on fire…it’s on fire!’ Much to the other girls enjoyment and they ran behind laughing and making fun.

More from my little village of spanking soon…

It takes a while to build the scenes, I also cut the little figures up and glue them back together in spanking positions etc. So be patient. I have just built a pub and have two ideas for that. I have just started a school….which should be fun.