Kate is made to sit on the Naughty Stool

Poor Kate gets a lot of spankings as you know, usually for masturbating where she shouldn’t and getting caught. But today she has been caught cheating in an exam. I have come to the classroom in the lunch hour, and spanked her, quite hard, with a plimsol. A few tears, but Kate is a tough girl.

“Right! This is not the end of it young lady!” I say to her as she sniffs, trying her best not to cry. But I can see she is in pain and really wants to rub her bare bottom..

“Stand up straight, before the projection board, and no rubbing your bottom. You can put your hands together in the small of your back.”

And there she stands until the class comes in, from lunch. “Sit quietly! You all know she was caught cheating! Now she is in disgrace.” I pick up the naughty stool and place it before the class. “Sit on there Kate, let the class see your shame and disgrace.”

Much to the other girls amusement, she winces as she sits, saying…’ow, ow, owww, ow!’

‘She does not look ashamed’, I think to myself.

So I pull her gym slip up. The class giggles, but she is not phased. She just looks at them, almost with contempt.

I decide to turn her around, the class are looking with a sort of admiration, almost hero worship! So I tell her to turn.

I position her with her red cheeks hanging over the edge of the stool, and tell her to lean forward, elbows on knees. This displays her in an embarrassing way and once again the room is full of giggles.

The class goes quiet, and sit working with the occasional titter as one of them looks up. I stand at the back of my class, behind them all. I look at her bottom. I put my hand in my pocket, it has a convenient hole. I move my fingertips over my manhood, pulling my handkerchief down. They have no idea I am wanking, not even when I shoot my load into my handkerchief.