The Head Girl is allowed to cane a naughty girl

Imagine the scene, a Headmistress has bonded very well with the Head Girl, and when punishing naughty girls, she uses her to hold and retrain the ones who struggle. After a few conversations, after punishing various girls, the Head Girl expresses her desire to do it one day, when she is a teacher, or Headmistress.

An ideal opportunity comes along, when a really nasty, spiteful girl is in big trouble. She is a bully and a thief, and the Headmistress decides that some humiliation would do her a lot of good. To show her how it feels to have someone around her own age have power over her.

“You made those two girls lives a misery! How could you be so cruel? I think it is time for you to know how it feels for another girl to have power over you!”

“And now, I am going to give you twelve strokes! You horrible child! I gate bullying and am going to beat it from you. And you Miss Cooper, can start writing an essay for this month’s school magazine, entitled, his it felt to cans a squealing, hopping, squirming bullies bare bottom on behalf of all the poor girls she victimised.”