Three Naughty Girls are made to display their Bottoms in Shame…and an observation of cane lines.

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After all being caned and severely reprimanded the girls were told to stand and think about their behaviour over the past few terms and always being in trouble.

One of the things I always find very interesting after caning girls, is watching the cane lines. Keep an eye on them…as their bottoms stretch into different positions.

“Right, it is now time for my Prefects meeting, they come here once a week to discuss various matters. They are all very good, innocent, well behaved, studious girls. Unlike you three naughty girls. Bend over, all of you. Think about this….you three are in shame, with sore red bottoms bared for anyone who comes in to see. They are good girls, coming to see me and help with the way the school is run. You, are naughty girls in disgrace! They are good girls wearing badges to show the world they are, on their lapels. Your badges are worn on your bottoms, they are six bright red throbbing lines each!”

The girls bend over, knowing that the good girls are going to see everything they have, and once the meeting is over, will share their news delightedly. They hated the good girls! And the good girls loved being good, and seeing naughty girls humiliated.

There is a gentle knock on the door. “Come in!”

The good girls come in and a couple of gasps come out, as well as a couple of small titters. The naughty girls hear this and cringe.

This is the sight that greeted the prefects.

The meeting lasted fifteen minutes. The strain on the girls was made obvious by odd little grunts and groans. I noticed casual looks and smiles.

The good girls left, pausing as they went by the naughty girls.

This is the view the good girls had, as they left my office.

“Right, straighten up! Your ordeal is not over, I am using you as an example to all. Keep your bottoms bared, it is break time, we are going to walk the corridors.” The girls sighed. “After you!” I said as I opened the office door. I followed them down the corridors and lots of girls pointed and giggled as they passed. I did nothing to stop them. This humiliated them, but I hope, finally, that they were learning a lesson!

I took them to a classroom where the first years were going to have a geography lesson, and put them on display on a form.

Their bottoms were fading now, but they would still be a very good example.

I took great care in aiming their bottoms in the right direction, to make maximum impact on the young impressionable girls who would soon enter. You see, the first year girls had no idea. I could hear them now gently chatting away, in two lines of fifteen, waiting to be let in.

I opened the blinds to make quite a good display of punished naughtiness. I was ready, and went to the door to open it. “Quiet please girls. I have something to show you today. Instead of taking your seats, I want you to make two lines, one stood, one before it seated, against this wall. Come in!”

Giggles and titters, shocked gasps and exclamations of surprise spewed forth from the mouth of the innocent. This is what the two lines stood and sat to see.

I saw the line of naughty girls shudder and quake in embarrassment….and began. “Girls, before you are the three naughtiest girls in school. After six years this is where they have ended up, in disgrace, in shame, in pain. Let this be a lesson to you, the path you choose in this very important year could lead you here, or, to being at the pinnacle of a good girl, like a prefect. The choice is yours. But if you choose this path, let me assure you, this is how you will end up!”

The girls began to chatter.

I went to my desk.

I heard a splat, and one of the three naughty girls said ‘Owwww!’

Those first years are a devil of a shot with their pea shooters!