What happened at home after Kate got punished at school for smoking…

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After her punishment at school for smoking, the journey home on the bus was horrid, with the goody goody girls making fun and saying what would happen when she got home. The looks from the older people did not help, especially some of the men who almost salivated at the thought.

She passed the note to Mummy and Daddy with a trembling hand…it was like a ticking bomb…






“SMOKING! BLOODY SMOKING! You naughty girl! Mummy, get the spanking bench out, I’ll fetch your brothers and sisters! Mummy! Open the curtains wide, and the window too, let the neighbours see and hear!”

With her grinning siblings stood in an arc, the distant noise of outdoor chatting filtering in, Kate got in position. Daddy got a size ten slipper, mummy got her size six, and taking a cheek each they whacked away for fifteen minutes, only stopping to change sides… twice!

Note…..you might like to know that I have got a mummy, and a teacher, but they are for later crimes, be patient! But next is this….Kate said, “Please can I not get caught, let it be speech day, and I sneak off to a classroom….you can photograph my orgasm!”

How could I possibly refuse? The photos are already taken….and are coming soon.