Detention Room – 2

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Just a reminder you are looking through a keyhole, you are actually on the corridor, looking through the keyhole in the door where they (punished girls) exit. Are you masturbating? Very risky, and if you get caught…well…you will be next. But I can’t say as I blame you!

Once her bottom was bared, the spanking picked up pace, and ferocity!

Then it was time for two surprises, as you will see. What a view you have! Don’t forget to keep looking up and down the corridor…

You stare from her bottom, to pussy, to her face and his. The smacking sounds, the reddening bottom, her wriggling and little yelps, are such a turn on for you.

You are now so fascinated you can hardly move your eyes, or blink. He kneels her on the chair. Her delicious bottom is pointing right at you. He threatens her with the cane! You hear a knock, and turn, but all is quiet, you realise someone has just knocked on the outside door and entered the School Secreteries Reception.

The intercom buzzes….it is Mr Watson’s secretary. “She is here Mr Watson, shall I send her through?” He leans to the desk to press a button, ‘Yes, Marjorie, send her in.’

You look an listen in disbelief, who can he possibly invite to look at the punishment.

A smart looking middle aged woman walks in, just as the cane cracks across Charlotte’s bottom…..whack! “Owwwwww!”

“Oh please don’t cane my daughter Mr.Watson…please! I know that on parents evening I said I would get her in hand, and I haven’t, but please!”

“I was going to give her a crisp dozen! I thought you had forgotten our arrangement Madam. But you are here now, so let us continue.” Said Mr Watson with an air of authority.

How embarrassing for Charlotte, the Headmaster and her Mummy had a long conversation over her bare bottom!

“Well, first of all I apologise for being a little late. But please, as we discussed, teach me how to spank my daughter. I promise I will discipline her every time you send her home with a note. And to your standard.”

You could not believe it! She was here for spanking lessons.

By the look on her face, Charlotte could not believe it either!

“Start off by giving her twenty good hard smacks, on each cheek, if she is not screaming and crying by the end, I will guide you!”

Mummy looked down at her wayward daughter and began!

More to come