Detention Room – 3

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You are now almost dying to orgasm, still you look through the keyhole at the astonishing events unfolding. There, before your eyes, is the headmaster, teaching a mummy, how to best spank her daughter…

Once the spanking was over goodbyes were quickly said and mummy said her new regime would begin immediately on her daughter’s return home with a new pair of slippers she had purchased that very day. They walked straight towards you!

You run quickly to the room opposite to hide. The door does not quite close however. You sit on a desk, thinking of what you witnessed. However, unbeknown to you, they did not come out of the door straight away, Mr Watson looked at the slippers, an excellent choice it seems, and described the double whacking technique, where you hit on the down stroke of a girl bent over and hit again on the upward returning stroke…very efficient at getting a very red bottom as there is little rest between whacks!

You assume the have gone, your pussy needs urgent attention…

Soon your knickers are down and stretched between open legs. And you finger your cunt wildly…

At that very moment, Charlotte and Mummy leave, to hear quite clearly you saying…..”oh I am a naughty girl like Charlotte I wish Mummy and Mr Watson were spanking me now….oooooh I need spanking…yes…yes…yes”

You never hear them come in, until you hear a cough… “Ahem!!…so you have been spying on us! “

Your orgasm hits…..”Ooooooooohhhh mmmmmm!” You cannot stop your fingers!

Madam, pass me a slipper, you take the other! We shall grant this girls wish!

Before you know it, before a giggling Charlotte, your bottom is high!

Well! I did warn you!