Speech Day – Part One

Speech Day, a very important event in any school calendar. They day of rewards and awards. Where all the good girls proudly walk up on stage, to collect certificates, cups, and accolades.

The naughty girls are told to behave, and basically keep out of the way.

Kate as you know has been caught doing all sorts of things, and mostly it was to do with masturbating with things she shouldn’t, who can forget the cane handle, or the school bell incident! Click here to see and read about them and more…


So Kate set off to school, dressed beautifully, like all the other girls for this special day. But ‘Speech Day? Me? Really?!?’ Thought Kate.

Nearly all the staff, students, and parents of good girls were all in the assembly hall. Which meant that classrooms and such, normally occupied, were empty. ‘God! I love Speech Days!’ She chuckled to herself at the thought of the good girls getting their good girl rewards. ‘It’s time for this naughty girl to get her reward!’

She walked down corridors normally teaming with schoolgirls and noise. I wonder why she has her hockey stick? There are no games today.

She walked from room to room in the stillness. Distant traffic, bird call, and the noise of the school building creaking were her only company. She began to feel sexual anticipation, down below.

Room after room just did not seem quite right, she did not know what she was looking for, but knew she would find the right one…no rush. Somebody had just got the first award, she heard distant applause.

She found one which was just right…perfect! And went in, deliberately leaving the door as open as it could be…wide open.

The spanking stool that every class room had was in position, the cane and other implements were well stocked, varied, and lying around here and there.

She opened a window, wide, it was late spring, the heating was still in use. But it wasn’t for temperature control, she opened it, like the door out of naughtiness. She expected a loud orgasm, and wanted the noise of it to fly!

She arranged a couple of things and found a suitable desk.

Then she said, rather loudly…

“I am now going to take my knickers off, play with my pussy, then fuck myself with my hockey stick!”

The words flew out of the window and down the corridor, and in the distance she heard clapping from the school hall. She smiled, ‘oh? Is that for me? I had better do a good performance then!’

In the hall a good girl sat down with her award, and as suspected, nobody even realised Kate was not there…

More to come