The Visit – Part 12

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She would have to decide where to have her next spanking soon, and I could tell that she needed her pussy rubbing to climax too!

There is an old stool, which I purchased when an old school closed. It was almost certainly for spanking on, because it was from the staff room, and no desk had enough height to take it. Well, so my mind says anyway, and it had been there for many years I was told.

“So you think naughty girls really went over this for the plimsol or cane?” Asked Kate.

“I am as sure as I can be yes, I bet many a twitching pussy and trembling bottom rested on there.”

I saw her quiver. “Ooooh Mr Jones, just think!”

“I do, often!” I laughed.

She tried it out for size. “It is very soft and springy.”

“Just what you need for flogging on!”

She bent over.

“Settle down on it Kate, push your tummy down on the old leather. The idea is to grip the stave.”

She tried it.

“I can only just….reeeeach.” She squirmed.

I chuckled, “try bending your knees and pushing forward, see how your bottom lifts.”

“That’s perfect Kate.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled her lovely smile, almost asking.

“Just one more Kate, try one more. You’ll love it.”

“Okay.” She smiled…


This could go on and on….visitors obviously like to go to the Headmaster’s Study, the ruin, the Victorian house to dress up as Victorian Maids.

But do you know the best way to find out? Come to see new!