Speech Day ~ Part Two

This is actually a part in quite a long story, click here…



She took her knickers off.

The cool air in the silent classroom washed over her bottom, suddenly making the lovely ‘naughty girl feeling’ rise inside her, and the vulnerability of being caught with no knickers on made her pussy twitch.

Even the feel of the knicker elastic sliding down her thigh sent a thrill up her, and seeing them down to her knees did the same. “Oh I am so naughty!”

“Oh my God, just imagine Mr Jones walking in now, I would be bent over here for a right good spanking.”

She deliberately stretched her white panties, and the spreading of her pussy as she did, made her feel exposed.

The knickers slid off, gracefully…She smacked her bottom and gripped her cheek, squeezing it.

She hung them on the hockey stick, which amused her.

She heard more applause from the school hall, another good girl getting her reward. “I prefer my reward, a good orgasm for being so naughty!” She said quite loudly.

Still the clock ticked, the corridor was silent, birds sang. She began to tickle her clit with her fingers and caress her slippy slit.

Then she started to rub her hard little clit fast, at the same time her full pussy lips too.

Her first orgasm soon showed its first signs, her bottom bobbed up and down faster and faster, and Kate talked louder and dirtier!

“Ooooooh I’m fingering my cunt ever so hard, I’ve took my knickers off…come and have a good look, watch me force my fist in and spread it for you, ohhh yes…I’m cumming….ooooh I’m cumming, come and spank my bottom someone…Oooooh Yesss I am such a naughty…….naughty girl!”

The orgasms came in quick spasms, it drove her wild, she screamed and almost went cross eyed…

Oh wow! She diddled her clit like a virtuoso would a violin, she produced a masterpiece in her cunt!

After what must have been nine or ten orgasms she was out of control, her young lithe body had stamina to spare, she picked up the hockey stick and plunged the smooth bulbous end into her wet opening, and rammed it in and out, and up and down!

She grabbed the handle and quickly wanked it up and down the front of her cunt! She came again and again…making loud whore like groans and grunts.

Her pussy was getting sore, but it did not stop her from laying the hockey stick on the desk, turning it so the club end such up like a stubby cock. She straddled it, and like a witch on a broom she grasped it, then sunk down on it and fucked the wooden hockey cock for England!

A loud squeal and a ‘fuuuucking heeeelllllll fffffire! Shot down the corridor and through the window.

Nobody heard her, nobody caught her. I think it was time she had a victory!

The Speech Day finished and everyone filed out, she joined them and made her way to the gates. I bumped into her…”goodnight Sir, good speech!”

“Thank you Kate.” I smiled, maybe the example of all those good girls has made her think about her behaviour, perhaps my speech has inspired her.

Sometimes the teaching profession is so rewarding.