Three Naughty Sisters – Part One

This is going to be rather long and quite likely never ending!

Welcome to the delightful family of Charlotte, Samantha and Stephanie, who live with their Mummy, a rather strict lady. She has to be, Daddy run off many years ago and she has had to bring them up single handedly. It has not been easy.

Bratty, awkward, haughty, naughty, strong willed, easily led and tempted, nothing but trouble? No, not quite, they do have a few good moments, but by and large, they are a lot of trouble to their exasperated Mummy. Their bottoms have been spanked from an early age, and this shows no sign of abating any time soon!

School is pretty much the same as home, their bottoms have been bared on many occasions. To these dear naughty girls, spanking is just a way of life. They delight in seeing each other get one and urge Mummy on. And side by side with bottoms bared, is pretty much a painting of their life so far. It would be fair to say that if an artist was employed to paint their life story, then he or she would need a lot of red paint!

Let’s meet them. Here they are in the kitchen, they like to bake, and are not bad at it, one of the few things that their school reports actually mark higher than a ‘D-‘ of which there are plenty. Bringing home a bad report, usually means Mummy bringing out the wooden spoon, or hairbrush, as you will see one day.

It is pretty much certain that they are justly proud of their bottoms. Their lovely soft curved bottoms have been the centre of their life for ever, and they love to show them off, even when nobody is there. It is natural to them.

See what I mean? Samantha on the left is getting a spoon and Charlotte on the right is reaching for a jar of coffee. It is just how they are.

Study and homework takes a back seat, Mummy tries, but to be honest and fair to the poor woman, she has enough on. She works, and keeps a home, and has to deal with these three. It is easier just to leave them to their own devices.

A lot of time is spent quite happily playing games, well, no….that is not really true. They start off playing nicely, and sometimes finish playing nicely, but more often than not….hmmm, I think it is easier to show you.

Here they are playing a card game, what Mummy does not know is that they play for a £1 a game, they add it up as they go along.

What a lovely scene….no! Not the thong of Samantha, concentrate on the story, what are you like? I mean the girls playing nicely. But look at Charlotte, what is she doing? She’s accusing Stephanie of cheating. “That was my card, you’ve just picked it up you cheat!”

“As if! I don’t cheat! You are more likely to cheat if anybody is!”

Then the usual happens, tempers flare, playing cards get bent and discarded, and war breaks out! A fight!

Hair tugging, is common, please take your time to zoom in. On Charlotte’s face….it’s priceless!

Mummy tuts and looks to the kitchen ceiling. “Oh bloody hell! Now what?”

I am sure you can guess!

More soon, Asa