Leone Frollo

Leone Frollo (9 April 1931 – 17 October 2018[1]) was an Italian comic book artist.

Leone did some beautiful spanking art, which I am featuring here. However, if you search for him and look at is erotic work, you will see that his skill in producing works of the female body, especially the bottom, is amazing. I knew nothing of him until my researcher Robin introduced me. To his work. You can see why his style lent itself to the comic genre…they tell stories on their own!

Frollo was born in Venice. He debuted in 1948 with a western called Sui Grandi Laghi (“On Great Lakes”). From 1958 to 1968, he worked for London agency Fleetway, doing war stories. After that, until the mid-1980s he did works in several genres, including fantasy and horror, but specially erotic comics. His main work in the erotic genre in this period is Biancaneve, based on Snow White, Lucifera and Yra, which he did for Edifumetto.

After 1987, he changed his style and drew some series for the French market: Malicieusement Femmes, Mona Street and Diva. Mona Street, the erotic adventures of a young American lady, just graduated from college in Boston, set in the first decade of the 20th century, was Frollo’s last comic work.

After abandoning comics, Frollo dedicated himself to erotic work, doing illustrations on paper with watercolour, pencil, and pastels.

Here are some examples of his variety of work…

I have purchased this book…it’s brilliant! A proper comic book! Fantastic!
Mona Street….I think I am in love with a comic book character!
Mona Street
Mona Street
Mona Street

Beautiful aren’t they, and so many of them out there. Go and search, and have some sexy fun.

Thank you to Robin, who has sent me more images of the model above, which he thinks retails at around £200

Probably it’s just me who would do this…
(thinking about what I am got to write….I gave just realised there is only me likely to!)
….but, would you cane her bottom with a cocktail stick? I would!

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