The Spanking Pet – Part 8

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Kate leads the submissive spanking pet into the caning room by the rope, as she crawls. Charlotte and Samantha walk in expectantly. Charlotte is going to use her box of tricks to bring their pets senses to a height she has never know. The trick being to excite her nerve ends with the gentle caress of spiked wheels and nipple clamps. This will make her skin hyper sensitive, so the cane will feel more painful than it ever has before.

Being naked, and tied, whilst surrounded by her three beautiful Mistresses, the pet was trembling in ecstasy and anticipation. Skilled in the use of her little gadgets, Charlotte guided the whole operation, directing the others to sensitive areas as she rolled a spiked wheel up and down the furrow of the girls pussy and over and over her excited little clitty.

Look at Samantha tweaking her nipples! And Kate taking a tour around the bush.

Then, with her trembling body close to orgasm, and her skin at the height of sensitivity, Charlotte put clamps on the erect nipples, making her jerk and squeal.

Charlotte spoke softly…

“She is ready for the cane now.”

“Oh good.” Replied Samantha

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