Tunnel One – Door Two

You need to read this really, and then come back here…



…you awake after one of the best sleeps you have had for a long time. The smell of bacon and more filters in. There is a knock on the serving hatch, and it slides to one side. A tray is placed, and footsteps fade. You shout “thank you”.

You here a young female voice shout back, ‘you are welcome Mistress.’

What an amazing thing has happened to you. You eat the wonderful breakfast and drink tea. You walk to the trapdoor and try it, it is locked. On top of it are fresh downy towels, and all you need for the bathroom.

After you return from the shower, the pots and tray are gone, the trapdoor is lifted. A paid of riding boots and a swishy crop are stood by the steps. You pull on the dark brown, high, polished boots, and pick up the riding whip.

You stand at the bottom of the stairs, and turn to walk to tunnel one, the door to room two is open. You enter.

“Good morning Mistress….bare back or saddle?”

Your eyes widen, your pussy twitches. “Bare back please.”

The girl prepares herself for you…

She bends over for you. Not to punish, but ride!

Clicking her tong to make clip clopping noises, and bobbing up and down, she says, “Ready Mistress.”

You jump up on her back, your wet pussy resting on her knobbly back bone, which she moves expertly, as you whack her bottom with the crop…” Giddy up you dirty bitch!” …whack, whack, whack!

You have a wonderful orgasm, and dismount. Your eyes look around the stable, and there, hung on the wall are horse sized strap on dildos. You pick a huge piebald curved one, and strap it on. “Turn over, Pull your thong up, open your legs and take this!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The thong rips as you fuck her hard and fast, with no finesse.

She cums squealing loudly. And you leave, shiny, sweaty and out of breath.

You climb the steps, and close the trapdoor. Almost instantly someone slides a bolt. You collapse on the bed, the huge horse cock proud and swaying.

You remove it and strap it to the footstool by your bed, and mount it. You gallop once again, the whole cock inside you…

More soon.