Cambridge University ~ Bottom of the Year Competition!

This was in the English National Press…

UNDIE GRADS ‘Cheeky’ Cambridge uni students strip naked and pose at city’s landmarks for raunchy ‘best bum’ competition
Shay Bahkt
25 Nov 2020, 15:05Updated: 25 Nov 2020, 20:32
STUDENTS at the University of Cambridge are stripping naked to prove they’ve got the best bum on campus for a raunchy competition.

The Tab, a student newspaper, is running its annual Best Bum contest in the spirit of “body positivity” and now young adults are baring their backsides all over Cambridge grounds for a chance to win.


When you think about it, us female bottom lovers are very lucky, aren’t we? We can publicly enjoy our lusty desires quite legally! Even pages on Tumblr, (who famously cleaned up their act a couple of years ago), and where I post now instead of Twitter, allow bare bottom pictures, even being spanked and caned. T.V. Programmes show them quite happily, and even on holiday, the thonged bikini bottom displays all. And even in the coldest dark days of the year, we see bottoms in tight jeans or leather wiggling everywhere!

Thank God!

And now, here in the U.K. for a few years now, local bare bottom competitions are spreading in Universities! Cambridge University have run them, and now Oxford, and Bristol Universities too.

Real naughty girls, baring all in secret, yet in public places! Let’s hope it grows into a world wide phenomenon!


Surely it is only a matter of time before they are bending over to bare their bottom in spiking poses! Woo hoo!

So, because they started it, let’s look at some of the recent entries. Last year this girl won, and here is how one of our National Newspapers,’The Daly Mail’ announced it….

Rear of the year! Woman posing nude outside prestigious museum at sunset is crowned winner of ‘Best Bum 2020’ contest after dozens of University of Cambridge students stripped down
History student named Athena has been crowned competition’s winner for 2020
Her striking picture caught the ‘golden hour’ outside The Fitzwilliam museum
Cambridge students stripped butt naked for The Tab’s ‘Best Bum’ contest
Contenders have creatively posed at locations including the Bridge of Sighs

Good old Cambride University I say! Let’s hear three cheers for the naughty students! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

And here are some more naughty, naked, Cambridge girls, from all over the city…

Starting with my favourite, and the winner of ‘Asa Jones Cambridge University Girls Bare Spankable Bottom of the Year Award’…

And some more…

My conclusion…

In this ‘Woke’ world, how refreshing it is to see slightly, naughty, risque girls doing something so deliciously cheeky. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

“However, you have all been rather naughty young ladies! You ought to all come to my studio for a spanking, then bend over in a row, in my school for a blushing bottom photo!”

Thank you once again to my friend Robin, for alerting me to this.