Robin’s rack of canes

Here is another lovely piece of erotic research from our man Robin. As you know he is a very talented wood carver of the erotic spanking pose…

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The walking stick, a great accessory for any man who likes to walk, especially if like me, one is not so young any more. It enables us to do other things…like point, or draw in the earth to aid discussion, and to rest.

But there is something else, it is rather nice to fondle. When sat just looking at the world my thumb often rubs gently over the end.

Another thing is the patina, my stick has a lively sheen from years of walking.

I went to an old English house once, Capesthorne Hall, with a rather sexy young lady who liked a spanking. We came across a rack of canes, and she asked me, ‘which would you use on my bottom first Sir’

So use your imagination, let’s imagine you live in such a hall, in Edwardian Britain, a maid is bent over, in the punishment room, skirts up, bloomers draped open, and a fine rump on show. Twitching and nervously trembling.

Waiting for a dozen of the best…

You walk to your carved rack, (I am sure you can dream up a design in your mind) and choose from these.

Unfortunately the one I would have chosen has not managed to copy and paste.

No problem, the choice here is quite adequate, and in my mind that particular stick is my own!

Now cast your mind back to what I said earlier…about fondling. Look at the top picture, someone has spent a few hours rubbing their thumb over that!