The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 1

Four girls have grown fond of each other at school. Not ever so naughty girls, but not good girls either, they have all had a spanking or two.

Miss Black, a young Headmistress is on a fast track to stardom, her school is run like clock work, and the key to its success is discipline. She rules with the rod. The local Education Board have an eye on her, before she took over, the school was shambolic.

And there you have it, the two sides of the story, in the blue corner, ladieeeees and gentleman…we have Miss Black. And in the very red corner ladieeees and gentlemen, the Friday Afternoon Masturbation Club.

Don’t hold out for a red corner victory!


On Friday afternoons after school, the gates open to clubs and societies. Charlotte, the leader of the pack, walked down with her Mummy once to show her the way to her room for drawing classes. An idea struck her.

To cut a long story short, masturbation together, in their group was their favourite pastime, but doing it at each other’s houses with Mummies, brothers and sisters around was not relaxed enough. But if each one of them, that’s Amber, Fae, Sapphire and Charlotte, each told their Mummy’s they were at each other’s house….what could go wrong? All they needed was a space.

So, after school, every Friday, the girls met, in a little used store room. The three terms since they had found the room, had gone well, not once had they even remotely been likely to be disturbed…until today.

You see, it was the local history groups big night. A local celebrity who appears on t.v. quite regularly was coming to give a talk on ‘Bronze Age Burial Mounds’. He was the husband of an ‘old girl’ who presented the show with him. A good number of years ago the school’s reputation was almost what it is now, and they produced a few persons of note. They had asked Miss Black to introduce them. She was not keen to stay and listen, but there was no need, she didn’t have to stay after the introduction she had been told. But he was rather dishy and she would like to meet him. It wasn’t starting until 6.30 p.m. But rather than go home, she thought she would stay and do some catching up on work.

At 4.00, she was in her office.

At 3.45, the girls had met in their room. Three rooms away from where the ‘Local History Group’ meets. But of course, the girls would have gone by then.

Fae was there first, and amused herself by drawing on an old blackboard. A drawing depicting the bottom of Miss Black.

Next to come along was Charlotte, who saw that Fae was sat with an interesting book for them to look at.

She was amused by the drawing, and very interested in the book, by Alexandre Dupuoy. A book full of vintage style porn and spanking photographs.

Soon the other members of the ‘Friday Night Masturbation Club’ joined them. The same routine was followed, first the drawing, then the book.

Charlotte as always, and by mutual consent, took over. She had a very naughty way with words and could easily enhance any naughty photo with her vivid descriptions.

She turned each page slowly, and described everything in a very rude way. The girls began to shuffle as their pussies began to twitch.

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