Three Naughty Sisters – Part Three

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“Right, now put your hands between your knees and bend your knees too.” Said Mummy sternly.

She began to lift their dresses up over their waists, starting with Stephanie, then Charlotte.

She moved on to Samantha. “Really! I can’t leave you three for five minutes can I? How many times have I spanked you now? It must be hundreds! Now you are getting older, don’t think they will stop, oh no! It will be the opposite, they will be longer and harder, you naughty girls!”

She said this as she yanked down Samantha’s thong, quite sharply!

Then she made her way along the delightful row of pretty bottoms, baring each one in turn for another jolly good spanking each!

The three naughty sisters got their bare bottom spankings as promised!

…. As Mummy began to smack, they heard the gate and whistling. It was the postman, Robin. He heard the smacking and squeals and peered through the window.

This is the delightful view he got as he stood to watch. “Yes! That’s the postman you can hear! And if he sees your naughty bare bottoms getting spanked, it just serves you right!”

“Owwwww, no not before Robin, please no!” SMACK!

“Yeeeowww, no Mummy no, don’t let Robin see our bare bottoms!” WHACK!

“Ooooooh, please Mummy, wait until Robin has gone!” THWACK!

“No! I won’t wait!! He is stood here now! Stay there Robin, you watch these naughty girls get their bottoms spanked! It serves them right!”

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack! Mummy worked her way up and down the line!

“Owww, Oooh, ohhh, yew, ouch, ooooh!” Squealed the embarrassed girls.

This is what Robin saw…

And Robin stood there as Mummy said, he watched as Mummy went up and down the line. The girls kept looking over their shoulders…”Mummy stop stop stop! He is watching…stop!”

“You thought I was joking did you? Well no! This will teach you! Stay there Robin, I will keep spanking these naughty bottoms for you to see, you stand there as long as you like!”

The curved path up from the gate was private, nobody could see him, so he undid his belt, and zip, and let his trousers fall to his ankles, closely followed by his pillar box red, boxer shorts. He rested with one arm on the window ledge, and pumping his rock hard cock through his clenched fist he rammed his way to an orgasm, watching those bottoms wiggle, and the smacks land, as he listened to their cries.

Postman Robin fucked his hand faster and faster, his bare bottom bobbing away in the lovely cool air. His large purple head glistened in the light as it popped through his gripping hand quicker and quicker. Then a huge steaming load of spunk squirted out..once, twice and a magnificent third time, high up on to the window. He groaned, mummy turned and looked as she saw the spunk sliding and steaming down the window. She smiled, and understood. What man wouldn’t have?

She mouthed the words, “it’s okay, leave it.”

Robin stood shuddering, the act of being caught made him shoot again, even higher. Mummy’s eyes widened.

He got a tissue from his shirt pocket and wiped his throbbing manhood, pulled up his boxers and trousers and left…whistling.

“Now let that be a lesson to you. I have got some windows to clean, and I don’t want to hear a sound, get upstairs.”

They ran down the hall to the stairs, just as Robin walked by. They squealed, and he smiled.

Mummy filled a bucked, then walked to the window slowly. Then with her hand busy in her knickers watching the spunk run down the window pane she fingered her wet cunt. Soon her knickers tumbled to her ankles, and her skirt was above her waist, and she stood with her legs apart, her bottom bobbing back and forth as Robin’s had…until she came too.

More spankings to come, see you soon! Did you join in anyone? I hope so!