The Friday Night Masturbation Club – Part 2

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They had been to the room so often, and felt so relaxed about masturbating with, and before each other, that no ceremony was needed. Each girl masturbated in their own time. Mostly Charlotte would read, but not always, occasionally the others took over.

So within a couple of minutes of Charlotte reading passages, showing photos and giving her own account on some, skirts began to rise and knickers soon began to fall.

“Oh God” said long legged Sapphire, feeling moist already. “I am going to have to start almost straight away, those photos…wow…how sexy are they!”

“I’ll be joining you!” Added Amber.

“Me too!” Said Fae hopping up on a desk.

“Oooh come on girls, let’s get dirty, let me see your pussies open and your fingertips making magic.

“Oh fucking hell!” said Amber, sat directly across from Charlotte. “I love it when you talk dirty!”

Fae was in a trance looking at Sapphire’s open legs as she yanked her white school knickers down.

Before long, the scent of masturbation pervaded, with the gently squelchy rhythmic noise of plunging fingers and rubbing of swollen young lips. Charlotte looked from the rubbing hand of Amber in her knickers, to the fiddling fingers of Sapphire, to the prodding and poking fingers of Fae. All looked hungry for orgasms.

The girls knew something a bit different was happening in school tonight, but did not worry, they would be gone before the event.

Down the corridor Miss Black was busy, eating her sandwich and drinking a cup of tea as she did so.

More to come soon…