Milo Manara

Milo Manara (born Maurilio Manara, September 12, 1945 in Luson, Italy) is an Italian comic book creator (writer and cartoonist). He is best known for his erotic approach to the comic medium.

Milo did some works of M/F/F/F spanking art and BDSM art. He is often admired for his great artistic skills and style.

Manara’s style favors clean lines for women reserving more complex drawings for monsters or other supernatural elements. Like his compatriots Tinto Brass and Leone Frollo, he evidently has a fixation with the female buttocks. Many of his comics have themes of bondage, domination and humiliation, voyeurism, the supernatural, and the sexual tension beneath various aspects of Italian society. The works vary in their explicitness, but the general mood is playful rather than misogynistic. Manara’s skill in creating atmosphere, his obvious talent, and his occasional excursions into more “mainstream” stories, have helped to give him an air of artistic respectability.

Well worth a search in the search engines, you will not be disappointed.

This book…

Which he illustrated for Jaques Enard is probably his best known work.

I love the idea of a spanking on public transport as you will know by now, so this appeals to me a great deal, as does the sexy subtle portrayal of female masturbation.

Almost a salute to his stature was the fact that he was asked along with three other artists to illustrate this book…

For me though, this style of his is absolutely the best. I cannot show too many it would not be right, but have a look at these and then search for more.

By the way, I love his building block method of signing his name!

Can a spanking/bottom artist get any better? I think not. Milo, I salute you!