Tunnel Two ~ Door Two

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Tunnel Two uses the photos of Red Charls…



The familiar pattern of waking, eating, showering and finding clothes or implements, getting dressed and going down the ladder continued. Your bottom was still tender from yesterday’s spanking. There was no implement, so it looked like you were getting spanked again.

A sleeveless t-shirt, knickers and jeans were your simple attire today.

There was no chanting, no nuns, nothing. Once dressed you passed through the trapdoor and climbed down the ladder/stairs.

Tunnel one was dark, tunnel two was dimly lit. Door two in that tunnel was ajar. Outside was the chair. You picked it up, and walked to an area of the cobbled floor that was illuminated.

“Put the chair down, the back of it facing the door, pull your jeans and knickers down, straddle it, facing the back, pull your legs up, and poke your bottom through the gap.” Said the same strong seductive gravely voice as yesterday.

You did.

Your bare bottom, butt hole and pussy we’re proud and firmly poked through.

You heard giggles and rustling, you could just make out the habits of the nuns. Each stood in a semi circle excitedly. Then to your amazement they lift their habits and start masturbating furiously.

Your spanking takes place, hard and fast.

It pauses as the implement is changed. You can hear grunts, moans and slippy wet fingering noises. The nuns are enjoying the spectacle.

It starts again with a red flogger.

…it continues until all the nuns finish. Then they form a circle, and begin to chant…”sinner, sinner, naughty sinner, let’s all finger the naughty sinner.”

As the walking nuns circled by you they stopped in turn to finger your cunt and tight butt hole until you came.

They left, the man left, as he did he said, “Now put the chair next to door three and return.

You walked back with your red welted bottom on view, the cool air of the tunnel made it feel so exposed. You stood at the bottom of the ladder and gave yourself another orgasm. Then climbed into your room, and shut the trapdoor, which was immediately bolted. Whoever it was must have seen you masturbate, which excited you so much that you did it again. With your face next to the trapdoor, moaning together with the invisible girl.

More to come…