The Wonderful Public Spankings of Helga Bode

Helga Bode, as far as can be gathered, was a female German artist who created a lot of spanking art (drawings and watercolor paintings) in the 1920s.

Besides spanking and related corporal punishment scenes, she also drew enema and bottom fetish scenes. Her range of age and gender combinations varies widely; her most common ones are F/f, F/F, F/m, M/F, and M/m. The scenes depicted range from historic to contemporary of her time.

Little is known about the artist. A number of her works were published as illustrations in German semi-scientific sexology publications in the 1930s, but these were not commissioned illustrations; rather, the artwork was probably given to the publishers by Helga Bode’s former psychotherapist whom she had entrusted with a considerable number of her drawings and paintings.

She was very good at portraying public spankings…

In a police station, the lady is probably her mother witnessing the caning and ready to take her home, probably for another strapping from Daddy. I saw a spanking bench in a police station in Fort William, it said they were usually given by the sergeant.

This looks like a row of girls getting ready one at a time for a serious flogging on a spanking bench where they will be strapped to. Judging by the woman, probably a teacher or a matron, I am guessing a school.

A school birching before the class. He seems well supplied with naughty bottoms and birches. The birches are in water, in the bucket, often brine for cleaning and sterilising, as well as keeping them supple.

A religious setting, probably a Convent School where the visiting Pastor is dealing with an unruly girl who is retrained for the beating.

Looks like a judicial thrashing with the birch. Probably a group of onlookers are to the right, watching the spectacle. Often the birching room was open to the street on one side, where huge wooden doors would be opened, and huge crowds gathered. See how the poor girl struggles, she will be naked from feet to shoulders, when her shift is lifted. The judge or other dignitary is there to officiate. The punisher looks eager and the two prison wardens quite gleeful. How a pretty bottom must have suffered in those days.

Whipped through the streets or all around the market place, was a common punishment. Sometimes on the back of a cart in pillories. It depended on the size of village or town. Imagine the cheer when some buxom pretty girl was told…”On Saturday you will be brought to the town square, where you will be stripped naked! From their your buttocks will be flogged from one end of the village to the other!”

If she moaned or cursed it would then be added…”…be quiet damn you! You will now have your bottom thrashed all the way back, and any more from you and we will repeat it!”

Here is some of her other work…

An excellent collection of work Helga, no smacked bottom for you today! Instead….turn around, bend over….::pats bottom nicely:: good girl, off you go!