Paula Meadows and Janus

Where do I start? If I wrote three pages of thank you, thank you, thank you etc etc it would not be enough. Everything I do is based on what Janus Magazine, and Paula Meadows did, from the photos, to her art and writing, to masturbating in my formative years with their magazine before me. I find it hard to group them separately…

A magazine, with a shop in London I managed to visit just once.

I can’t do them justice, no matter what I write. Their work is so good that it should not be taken and posted elsewhere (like here), so go to whichever search engine you use and type in ‘spanking’ followed by Janus, or Paula Meadows….then sit back and enjoy.

These are the only pictures I am posting…. So here she is. A woman who loves spanking in all its forms, who drew spanking story pictures for Janus, and her own books. And also posed for spanking photos.

Here she is at work.
Here she is in model mode posing for Janus.

Please visit ….

Here is one of her story books, lavishly illustrated in comic book style. An exciting read (I have a copy) and brilliantly illustrated

There are people you come across in life, who you would love to sit down in some cosy cafe and sit and talk to. Paula Meadows is definitely one of them.

So off you go. Enjoy her, and like the other artists and photographers I feature, I hope in some small way I have helped them get even more noticed.