Hello, a little update.

You will have noticed that I am working a lot on ‘The Inveigle’…it is going though an editing process and I am trying to get to the end so I can get all the photos in.

Writing a story like this, probably eighteen chapters, 100k words, maybe more, is not easy. If I change one line in chapter 16, it could alter another fifty in the book. I have changed a few names and adjusted….but there is lots to do.

Feel free to read, but it is not even sanded down yet, let alone polished.

Be patient with me, what you are witnessing being born in my major work. Along with ‘Saint Helena High School for Wayward Girls’ these are the stories I want to be remembered for. That too will have to go through the same process.

I am 70 this year, there is much to be done here, I do not want to die with my ‘babies’ still in the womb.