Three Naughty Sisters ~ Part Five

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Mummy has had a problem since the last spanking you read about. With her bannister rail, to be precise. She has noticed that over the past few weeks it is sometimes slippy, sometimes sticky, and always in the same little area. It is a mystery.

She has looked up….definitely nothing dripping.

She has inspected the paint….but whenever she wipes it vigourously she finds that the paint is perfectly sound.

The other day she asked her three girls, Samantha, Charlotte and Stephanie, “Is one of you messing about with hair gel or hand sanitiser or something on the stairs?”

All shook their head negatively. And so, it remains a mystery…until now.

Charlotte and Stephanie have been playing badminton on the lawn, Mummy has been sat in a deck chair pretending to be the umpire. A perfect Sunday afternoon family scene.

“Where is Samantha? She is very quiet. Just go and check on her and see if she is okay, you know how she can sulk about nothing sometimes. She might be sat feeling miserable. And well done on playing so nicely…good girls.” Says a happy Mummy.

Stephanie and Charlotte, feeling very proud come into the house.

In the hallway, they hear a bang…then another..and loud shuffling noises. “Bloody hell, what’s that?”

Samantha heard them coming and hurriedly climbs off the bannister rail! She has found that if she straddles it, and grips on by her hands and legs, she can bob up and down quickly to an orgasm. Knowing that her Mummy cannot figure out the sticky, or slippy section on the rail, makes it more naughty and exciting….so in a noisy, bundling, and clattering, very close to orgasm, she climbs off quickly!

Bobbing her wet pussy up and down, grinding her swollen lips on the rail, Samantha does not want to stop masturbating…she moves away, then the urge to cum makes her move back on to rub her wet pussy again!

That was her downfall. She could hear her sisters voices, yet her pussy was so close to having a stupendous orgasm, that she got back on for a few last rubs…it was soooo nice! Then the door to the hallway opened, and she jumped off.

Jumping up, having to leave her orgasm hanging in the air, a tormented Samantha bangs her knee, on the bannister rail.

As the girls come though, they hear Samantha…”Owwww, oooooh that hurt!”

“Are you alright Samantha?” Asks Charlotte.

Frustrated at not having her orgasm. In pain, and annoyed at being caught and stopping, her temper rose. “Of course I am not bloody alright you idiot!”

“She was only asking!” Defends Stephanie.

“God you are bossy at times. Ohhhhh I see, you! It’s you! You rub your twopence on here don’t you, that why it’s sticky or slippy!”

“Yes, I was almost going to cum just now!”

Samantha had a shock then.

“You have just been nasty to me!” Grinned Charlotte…..”Mummy! MUMMY!!! Come and see what naughty Samantha has been doing whilst we were being so good for you!”

Mummy storms in…”What!?”

“She says if she rubs her naughty bits on the bannister, it feels ever so nice and when she’s done all this liquid gushes out…that is what makes the bannister all slippy or sticky!” Says Stephanie, joining in the fun.

“You naughty, dirty girl, how dare you do that on my bannister…you can get back on! I’ll spank your bottom on it!”

Stephanie and Charlotte laughed and giggle as Samantha was spanked in this funny position…but best of all, the action of rubbing as she was spanked, made her cum before them all!

“Owww, ooooh, owww….mmmm…yes! Owww…oh fuck…oh yes, yes… Owww, OWWWWWOOOOOOoooooohmmmmmmmm!”

“You naughty girl! Get to bed, right now! You will have no tea! Come on you two, you have been very good, I will give you Charlotte’s share of the lovely strawberries and cream!”

Samantha ran upstairs crying, and Charlotte and Samantha went for their strawberries.

Talking of upstairs….come back soon, there is some excitement up there!


p.s. I hope you realised that the blurred photos up there were to make it look like Samantha was bobbing about masturbating.