The Friday Night Masturbation Club ~ Part Five

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Fae, Amber and Sapphire were all well satisfied with their lovely orgasms, and their breathing slowing down to normal. Charlotte stopped turning the pages and reading as she watched the last of the post orgasmic, gentle rubbing. Almost in a trance.

“Right.” Said Sapphire. “You must be gagging for it! Get your knickers off Charlotte, we will do our best for you now.”

“Ohhhh yes please, just being watched by a group is enough for me, but yes please, a few naughty pictures and words to help would be lovely!”

And so naughty schoolgirl Charlotte, went to the front. Sapphire and Amber sat with the book and Fae stood guard at the door, because they knew that night class people were starting to arrive.

Charlotte began to wriggle out of her knickers and skirt, even the girls watching her do that was a very sexy thrill, and she could not help but exaggerate her hip and bottom movements.

Sapphire spoke dirty to her, she knew exactly what Charlotte liked. “Open your legs you dirty bitch, show us your cunt and finger it for us. You are such a naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY GIRL Charlotte. You know what you need don’t you?”

“Oh I am! I AM A NAUGHTY GIRL! I need a spanking really! Don’t I?”

She opened her legs wide, feeling the sticky wet lips stretch and separate.

It’s funny really, how Charlotte the naughty schoolgirl fantasises about being spanked, and asks her friend to use the word as she masturbates knickerless before the. Because…just down the corridor the strict Miss Black, the hardest Spanker in school, was just putting things away and tidying her desk. In an hour or so, she would have to do the talk before the archaeological class. She decided to take a walk around the corridors of her school, just to look at things and keep the cleaners on their toes.

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