Vintage Sets ~ Part Two

If I put any more sets in Part One, it would have become a bit slow for you, so here we are in Part Two!

Maybe you came here first, so click here for Part One..


We will carry on…

This set is about a chorus girl who made a huge mistake on stage, ruining a performance by the dancers…

“If ever you dance with an hangover and mess up again, this will take place on stage before the other girls and the audience!” Says the owner.

And now for a couple of quite rare sets which you naughty boys will appreciate..

Set 1.

Set 2

And now for some m/f domestic discipline…

Set 1

Set 2 (this has what looks like a few F/f as well, but they seem to be of the same set, I think the Master is entertaining his partner and letting her join in…also, you can see that some of these have a tint of colour.

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